Download Vehicle Maintenance Log Excel Template

Download Vehicle Maintenance Log Excel Template

Vehicle maintenance log is a ready-to-use excel template to keep a record of the repair and maintenance of your vehicle during a particular year.

You can keep a record on your smartphone or computer downloading this template. Additionally, this template also consists of a printable version that you can keep in your vehicle all the time and maintain it manually.

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In addition to the above, this template also consists of a repair and maintenance checklist to know which checks and repairs are already done or need to be done.

Vehicle Maintenance Log Excel Template

We have created a simple and easy Vehicle Maintenance Log Excel template along with a repair and maintenance Checklist. This template will help you keep an eye on your car’s health properly and maintain a log of repairs.

Let us discuss the contents of the template in detail.

Contents of Vehicle Maintenance Log Excel Template

This template consists of  sheets:

  1. Vehicle Maintenance Log
  2. Printable Maintenance Log
  3. Repair and Maintenance Checklist
  4. Printable R & M Checklist

Vehicle Maintenance Log

This sheet consists of 2 sections:

  • Vehicle Details
  • Maintenance Log

Vehicle details section you need to enter the following:

Vehicle Make: BMW, AUDI, Nissan, Toyota, etc.

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Model: Name of the model of your car.

Vehicle ID No: Vehicle identification number. You can find this in your manual book as well as on the invoice for the car or car registration certificate/card.

License Plate No: Your Licence plate number.

Model Year: year of car manufacturing.

Type: Manual or Auto transmission.

Maintenance Log section consists of 7 columns as follows:

Date: Date on which the maintenance takes place.

Problem Description: Description of the problem in the car and the purpose of repair.

Workshop/Mechanic Name: Name of the place where the repair takes place.

Estimates: If prior estimates are provided then you can record them in this field.

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Spares Cost: If any spares are added to the car or replaced, enter the cost of it in this field.

Labor Cost: Insert the service charges and labor costs in this column.

Total Cost: It is the total cost of the repair. Spares Cost + Labor Cost.

In the end, the template displays the grand total of the money spend on repairs and maintenance.

Printable Maintenance Log

The Printable Maintenance Log is the same as the above sheet. The only difference is that the previous one was in color and this one is in the Ink Saver format.


Download Vehicle Maintenance


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